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Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Princess Rapunzel Tangled | Disney Coloring Pages

Tangled Rapunzel princess coloring pages available for this special girls, for you fans of the Disney animated cartoon would have known figure from the movie "Tangled", that's right she is Princess Rapunzel, a film about a beautiful princess and must suffer separation from their parents (queen and king) and a princess in royal luxury. 

Beginning of the plot when the queen and the king had a beautiful princess, was kidnapped at birth by the evil witch, Rapunzel locked up on the castle tower, he grew into a beautiful girl with long hair at all, without him knowing it has the power of magic hair. Rapunzel's golden hair strength is the goal of the magician and as a guard by a mother. 

Rapunzel's has more curiosity, she always steals the time to get out of the castle to play, he also has an animal friend "Frog" she always told him. Rapunzel's adventure when she meets a handsome youth who are accompanied by a horse, left the castle with Rapunzel's youth and adventure to the empire, although he was surprised by the crowd of villagers and obstruction of the criminals. 

How to think about the ideas of ​​disney princess coloring pages..? you and your children will be plenty of time to learn to color with your baby. if you like it please save it and print to be a children's coloring books, do not forget to give good cover for the kids interested.

Disney Princess Coloring Picture :

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