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Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages 

Princess Sleeping Beauty coloring pages from disney cartoon character. Please princess Aurora coloring pages, kids like the fairy tale princesses and princes, the children also love to watch cartoons. Please save the image above and if you are curious about the story of sleeping beauty princess you can read below.

Princess Aurora cartoon storyline :

Once upon a time, there is a pair of King and Queen of the blessed, because after many years, finally the Queen gave birth to a daughter. King and Queen invited the seven fairies to come and bless the newly born daughter's. The little princess Aurora named.

In the grand event which was held as a tribute to the fairies, each fairy gives thanks to his daughter. All of a sudden come to the center of the old fairy show. He was very angry because it is not invited. Everybody has not seen the old fairy, and thought he was dead or gone from the kingdom.

The angry old elf approached the Princess and the curse "will finger needle loom and you will die!" And then the old fairy disappeared. Everyone was very surprised. Queen began to cry.

Seventh approached the Princess and gave his blessing "I can not undo the curse, but I can give my blessing to Princess will not die due to hit the spinning needle, but only fell asleep for a hundred years. After a hundred years, a handsome prince will come to wake him. "

King and Queen felt a bit relieved to hear that. They then issued a new rule in the kingdom that there should not be a single loom. They seize and destroy all existing loom in the kingdom for the sake of salvation of the Princess. On a day when 18-year-old daughter, the King and Queen went throughout the day.

Because the lonely, the daughter of a walk to explore the palace and came to a loft. There he met an old woman who was using a spinning loom. Having never seen loom, the Princess was very interested and wanted to try.

The old woman is actually an old fairy who used to condemn evil. When the daughter tried to loom, it was deliberately put a needle into the hand of the Princess spun. The Princess fell unconscious and fell asleep because of a curse. Wicked old fairy laughed in delight and disappeared into the darkness.

After a period ending one hundred years, a handsome prince who happened to be hunting near the royal palace to see the tops of it. princess aurora curse will disappear when there is a prince who came to the rescue and kissed the princess Aurora.

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