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Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Princess Cinderella Coloring Pages Ideas

Princess Cinderella 
Disney Cartoon Character Coloring Pages

Cinderella is a princess from the Disney cartoon character, she is kind and beautiful girl, Children like to drawing and coloring sheet pictures. Children like a fairy tale princes and princesses, if you like it please you save the disney princess coloring pages pictures to be printed for coloring book.

Disney princess cinderella story :

Cinderella's has to live with her stepmother and half sister, in her own home should be a helper. Cinderella's tormented because they have to prepare food, mopping floors, and prepare everything for the mother and her half sister.

Cinderella's happy while attending a party in the royal castle, she was assisted by her friends the mice, and good-hearted fairy godmother. cinderella wore a beautiful dress and glass shoes. she met a handsome prince and they fall in love.

Cinderella and prince dancing, at twelve o'clock at night he should go home, cenderella must menghentika dancing with the prince because he had to go home so as not to be known by her stepmother. ketaman he accidentally ran him down one side of the glass shoe.

Prince were getting restless and wondering who the beautiful girl who had made ​​him fall in love. cinderella prince trying to find a way to bring a glass slipper she left behind. prince trying to find pairs of shoes.

The next day, the guards who sent the Prince came to the houses there is a daughter throughout the country to match with the glass slipper on their feet, but no match. Until finally the guards arrived at the house Cinderella. "We are looking for the girl whose foot fits the glass slipper," said the guard. Two sisters Cinderella tries the shoe, but their feet are too big. They are still forced to put his foot through the glass shoe blisters. At that time, the guards saw Cinderella. "Hey you, try these shoes," he said. Cinderella's stepmother was angry, "would not fit with this child!". Cinderella then stretched his legs. It turned out that these shoes are very suitable. "Ah, you're the Princess," cried the excited guards. "Cinderella, congratulations ..," Cinderella looked back, the fairy was standing behind him.

Cinderella finally brought to work to meet the king and queen of the prince's parents, they manikah and henceforth live happily with Prince.

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