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Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

The Swan Princess Odette Coloring Pages Ideas

The Swan Princess Odette Coloring Pages Ideas

These are some coloring pages disney princess cartoon character is available free of charge for children to learn drawing and coloring. please find some pictures disney princess characters here, you may be lucky to find a beautiful princess.

Story of Princess Odette :

In a country village in the kingdom there lived a beautiful girl named "Odette", when the village was very noisy because the act of riding a pony running around destroying other people trade across the road, horses and even then was caught by the people who chase and did not have the heart to Odette saw the horse tied to his leg in pain as his leg and then release it.

Odette follow the horse was headed to a place behind a beautiful waterfall, there was a lot of animal life that could speak to people, it is the man who bewitched into animals. They thought that Odette is the girl who can save the country from the evil witch.

Two-tailed hawk came was a witch and her son, then conjured Odette into a swan, the daughter was trying to stop but the magic was too strong, Odette was given a crown that witch can not be touched and can only be human at sunset and at sunrise will change into a swan again.

One day there was a handsome prince who was hunting, he knew Odette turned into a man, a prince like Odette they fell in love. when the prince invites Odette to come to the party at the royal castle, when the witch know if there is a genuine love Odette Pengeran the magic is lost. witch trying to prevent that it does not happen, but Odette and friends tried to book the magic antidote.

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